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Customize workspace colors in VSCode

March 31, 2020 Tools
VSCode give you a lot of flexibility to override nearly every setting they offer. This come in handing for many reasons which users are finding daily. One of those very reasons I came across today; using title bar and status bar colors to visually differentiate my open VSCode windows. Adapting your workspace color settings First things first you will need to learn to explore the VSCode settings. You can open the settings in a number of ways. Continue reading

NestJS: VSCode debugger setup

March 24, 2020 Code
Debugging is inevitable for all developers and when you get the point that your code is not doing what you would expect VSCode is definitely built for TypeScript and thus perfect for NestJS. Get started by ensuring you have VSCode installed and open your project in VSCode. For the purpose of this article install the Nest TypeScript starter scaffolding. $ npm i -g @nestjs/cli $ nest new my-app Create a launch. Continue reading