Hi, Iā€™m Daniel Tucker. Iā€™m a software engineer living in Colorado.


Staff Software Engineer at Divvy



Apr 2020 - Dec 2021 at Singularity Interactive

Staff Software Engineer (Apr 2021 - Dec 2021)

Lead application support and special features needed to propel marketing and sales efforts. Participated in architectural design and direction for features to ensure alignment with product needs. Tasked to mentor and help strengthen other developers in both backend and frontend disciplines through code reviews and code pairing. Additionally, assigned to solve the harder problems and establish new patterns to speed up development and help other developers in new feature development.

Lead Backend Developer (Apr 2020 - Apr 2021)

Developer, design, implement, and maintain software projects and their individual features. Contributed as a full stack engineer utilizing NodeJS and ReactJS. Engineered reliable, tested applications deployed and orchestrated in AWS. Additionally, assisted in leading architectural design and identifying security concerns during the application lifecycle.

Nov 2014 - Apr 2020 at Exclusive Resorts

Manager of UI Development (2018 ā€“ Apr 2020)

Manage a development team mix of onsite and offsite members whose focus is on public facing website and content API R&D. I coordinate the planning and grooming of tasks and issue resolutions through a structured agile sprint cadence. Additionally, I lead design implementations and UI framework direction for member facing applications. I manage and develop the content API and CMS that provides content to all member and prospect websites and applications using C#.

Lead Developer / Senior UI Developer (Nov 2014 ā€“ 2018)

Manage the structure and implementation of UI development. Lead design implementation for our member facing application and give guidance and help setup ideas for the public facing website. Engineered a content API using C# Web API to deliver content to both the public site and member site. Implemented application development processes to use grunt to build and optimize CSS, JS, SVG, and PNGs into a deployed set to AWS using CloudFront as our CDN.


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